6 Things I have learnt from my life

At the age of 20, while moving into the final year of my computer engineering, i have realized a lot of things about life that i wish to share with you!
Yes, you may find some of the stuff just monotonous or some of it plain simple & true.
This stuff is straight off my mind.

So here it goes-

1) Luck is over-rated!

Yes. It may be hard to believe this, but IMO, Luck is completely over-rated.
They say you failed at something because you didn’t have ‘Luck’
But what is Luck?
Mere good fortune?
I don’t think so!
Luck according to me, is a kind of magic that sticks to you when you work so immensely onto something that you truly become remarkable in it. Call it divine intervention or pure skill.
To summarize,
Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!
Hard work is the only ticket to success!
Practice makes a man perfect!
The small steps matter the most & the start is the most difficult step.

2) Social Networks can/will kill your time!

As Steve Jobs says “Your Time is Limited.”
So why waste it on Facebook by living a virtual life of walls, posts, likes & comments?
Most of the youth (including myself) spend ample time on this thing called Facebook. Yes, i know how many hours you sit in a week looking at your friends’ photos, statuses & random crap shared from 9GAG or similar sites.
But is it worth your time??
Think about it & you will realize soon that what your mom said was right!
Facebook will kill your time & I do mean a lot of it!!
If you want real news, go try Twitter or Quora! Try GitHub!
But don’t try to live your social life on the web itself!
Do not believe that Facebook is the Internet! There are millions of other sites too!

3) We judge people too quickly!

I’ve noticed a lot of people bluntly speaking stuff about others without even knowing a thing about that person.
When was the last time you spoke harshly to a person only to find out later that he/she had a genuine reason for their shortcoming?
We see merely 20-30% of the person around  us. The remaining is his/her personal life of which we have absolutely no clue about!!
Stop judging people quickly!

4) Knowledge is unlimited!

Life is short!
Accept the fact that we can never truly understand much in a single lifetime!
Some people have knowledge about a specific set while others don’t. Instead of humiliating others of their limitations, put a check on what you really know.
You will then realize how much you don’t know of!

5) People around you shape you!

Someone rightly said that you become more and more like the people around you!
It is the environment that changes you!
Spend time with people whom you enjoy with, who care about you and possibly are smarter than you!

Slowly you will realize that you have become more like them.

6) At the end, Family comes first!

At some point of time, you will realize that the only people you truly have are your parents and/or your siblings. You might be taking your friends as quite a serious part of your life but in the end it will all boil down to you & your family.

Life will come down to the decisions you make for yourselves!
These will be influenced by your family ( & your friends too if you take them seriously)

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